Top 4 Profitable Business Ideas In Canada For 2022

Top 4 Profitable Business Ideas In Canada For 2022

Canada is an attractive business destination with a strong economic history and a skilled labor force. The country is home to the third-largest oil reserves in the world and ranks seventh in production. Additionally, it is home to a skilled workforce – the country has one of the world’s highest proportions of educated workers. If you are considering investing in Canada, here are some profitable business ideas. 

Import-export business:

One of the best ways to make money in the import-export market is to offer items that are unique in the market. These products can be purchased at wholesale prices and resold for profit. Another profitable area is home accessories, including picture frames, soap dispensers, candle holders, and more. These items are usually easy to manufacture and can be easily shipped in bulk.

MRI scanning service:

An MRI scanning service would provide medical diagnostic imaging services to patients. The technology enables people to stand up and undergo scans instead of lying down for months. This also alleviates the problem of claustrophobia. A mobile MRI service would also eliminate the cost and time associated with a brick-and-mortar facility.

Tire shop:

A tire shop is a lucrative business, especially if it’s located in a strategic location. Some top Canadian cities to start a tire shop include Toronto, Montreal, Waterloo, and Edmonton. A tire shop can offer various services, including repair, sales, balance, and alignment. The business can also focus on selling spare parts for cars and trucks.

If you’re planning to start a tire shop, ensure you have the right equipment. You’ll need floor jacks, jack stands, and an air gun for lug nuts. An air gun can tighten lug nuts to the exact specifications. A lug nut wrench is also a necessity. Other equipment needed for starting a tire shop include a storefront, liability insurance, and business licenses. You’ll also need a place to display tires and store bulk inventory. Another major investment will be in a computerized machine that will do alignments.

Virtual doctor:

Having a virtual doctor is an exciting idea that brings medical care to people with limited mobility. Seniors often cannot travel, and a virtual doctor company can help them get an appointment from the comfort of their homes. This business opportunity is great for people with good computer skills, as it requires a lot of computer programming. It is also important to have good software and user-friendly applications to make it easy for the elderly to navigate.