Transfer and relocation

Transfer and relocation

Transfer and relocation-what to do when moving into a new home?

Transfer and relocation-This is the first time he has used explosives such as porcelain, chandelier, and other explosives. Before that, it was just a dress, but I do not know how to put it on softly or firmly. We came to tell you, it’s not too strong. Read the packaging instructions until you arrive at your new home in a box. Furniture transfer in Kuwait

Transfer and relocation – It’s best to have another box

When storing explosives, it is best to have several boxes and figure out what to do if you do not have enough boxes. Closing boxes and glasses cause real tension in them, causing them to fall apart and explode.

On top of that, hot paper items, such as clothes, can fit in an old paper box, but it does not fit well in the glass, and it is a good job to ensure that the images shown are safe.

The problem with glassware is that if it is not handled properly, it will stick together during travel. Furniture transfer in Kuwait

To avoid this, you need to be careful during the packaging process. Wrap everything in two sheets, then wrap in two foil layers for extra protection.

Wrap the packet with a small piece of adhesive tape and place it on the cardboard for crossing.

Goods for Kuwait – Important and special information and advice

  • Moving to Kuwait – The above rules are general rules for broken glass. There are a few rules to keep in mind, such as grille, glass, lamp and photo frames.
  • For example, to begin packaging, each plate should be wrapped in foil and placed in a cardboard box, to make sure there are sheets on each plate.
  • Place a sheet of paper on top of the wood and a sheet on the floor to prevent the cardboard from filling to make the bag heavier.
  • Leave a small room behind, if you leave the room, put the cutlery on top of each other while traveling, if you put something in it, it will prevent your plate from falling.
  • Glass is the worst offense in the box. Wrap each glass with the necessary paper. Pour the cpe into a glass. Tap the box on the book. Place the paper on the bottom and top of the box.
  • You can combine them (when they are full) to make room for other mirrors. But make sure you leave a small room on the roof. Furniture transfer in Kuwait
  • In case of fire, even if the glass is not made of glass, they can still be damaged. These items should be collected separately from the roots in a cardboard box. Wrap the light shade in paper and put it in the box immediately.
  • Place the roots in a large bag and wrap it with a large wound to protect them.
  • Like the other mirrors, we glued the image to the foil, first placing the frame on the foil and then the foil on each one.
  • When you paint to show tapes, fill each area with paper and add a little to it. This will prevent them from moving.

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