Top Best 32 Shipping Companies In Dubai

Top Shipping Companies In Dubai

The top shipping companies in Dubai – International commerce and trade are more interconnected than ever. Hence, companies need to remain competitive. As freight transportation becomes more sought-after, companies in the UAE can make the most of.

A second distribution option can make you in a better position to provide better services to customers from abroad.

If you’re an expat in search of a way to move large quantities of goods back to the country you reside in, it’s crucial to know the shipping companies in Dubai which are able to accommodate your needs. Let’s find out which shipping companies in Dubai give you the largest selection of options.

List of Shipping Companies in Dubai – Top 24 Shipping Agents And Company


Companies that trade operating in Dubai and individuals are able to rely on these shipping services to relocate cargo across the UAE as well as overseas.



One of the most reputable shipping companies that is located in Dubai, Jenae Logistics, provides a wide array of services for managing freight. Customers can avail their services to consolidate air freight ocean freight services for full-container or less-than-full container load services sea-to-air transports procurement and many more.

Services begin with an intimate understanding of each client’s supply chain needs. For instance, Sea Freight shipments are treated according to the times, rates, and the space that best fits the interests of the customer. Further benefits include offering full visibility through online tracking tools , which track the movement of cargo.

They offer cargo services to the following continents and countries:

  • Africa
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Qatar
  • Oman
  • China
  • Europe
  • USA

To request a price for a specific service visit their official site.

For a cost estimate for an individual service, visit their site.

Location: Office No. 4079, Cargo Mega Terminal, Emirates Sky Cargo Building, Dubai

Contact: 800-53623

Over the last three seasons, Dubai has maintained its prominent position as one the top five destinations for shipping companies. With an annual contribution of about 7 percent to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the recent ranking of the world shipping industry index reflected the attractiveness potential and the continuing competitiveness of shipping businesses in Dubai all over the world.

According to the international shipping center development (ISCD), Dubai has placed first, and is behind some other key maritime players, such as New York, New Jersey, Tokyo, Hamburg, and Athens.

The shipping firms in Dubai have flourished and continue to prosper, mostly due to the government’s trade-driven policies that make Dubai a major hub for companies and international trade.

Here are a few reasons as to why many shipping businesses in Dubai find Dubai to be the United Arab Emirates so alluring for their shipping business.

  • Lenient Custom Regulations
  • Advanced Infrastructure
  • Geo Strategic Location
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Easier Access to Labor Market
  • Waste Bay Area

Fusion Specialized Shipping & Logistics Co.L.L.C.

Fusion Shipping Group Fusion Shipping Group started its humble beginnings in 2010. The company has been growing rapidly and is now an end-to-end logistics provider that provides seamless service. They provide reliable sea freight service. The shipping division offers LCL, FCL, Roll On Roll Off, as well as Break Bulk services.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 56 Google reviews

Address: Trade CentreTrade Centre 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 355 7200

Global Shipping and Logistics Company

Global Shipping & Logistics (GSL), Dubai is a leading logistics provider within the UAE providing controlled warehouse infrastructure (Cold Storage/Temperature Controlled/Ambient) with temperatures between -25deg Celsius to Ambient and Project cargo storage.

A member of the Al Shirawi Group, GSL has been active in the freight service providers sector in Dubai since it’s incorporation in the year 1975. GSL offers customers a variety of local and freight management warehouse & distribution solutions in addition to 3PL and 4PL services.

Contact details and location Address: Dubai Investment Park – 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 885 1566.


Another option to consider for the top global shipping services within Dubai include PSL. In 1994, the leading Dubai-based freight forwarder has gained a strong foothold in the UAE logistics industry.

It is evident from the impressive portfolio of customers, this service also earns props for quality and reliability due to fact that their air, sea and land operations are linked through online services at UAE Ports & Customs. In all it is worthy of being included on the list of most reliable shipping and freight forwarding companies in Dubai.

They provide services such as:

  • Sea Freight
  • Air Freight
  • Overland Transport
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Custom Clearance
  • Packing & Removals
  • Breakbulk & Project Handling
  • Courier Shipments
  • Marine Insurance
  • Car Lashing

Another thing worth considering is the fact that PSL’s staff is highly skilled in freight forwarding. They take care of everything from documentation and negotiating the most favorable carrier rates , to tracking the shipment in accordance with foreign trade regulations.

Location: Office 401, Fourth floor, Shipping Tower, Bur Dubai

Contact: +971-4-335-2970 | +971-55-419-8796

Jawar Al Khaleej Shipping L.L.C.

In 2006, JAK was established at Dubai, JAK is a major provider of shipping solutions catering in Dubai to the gas and oil sectors. There are locations at Basra, Iraq, and Dubai, UAE. They provide logistics services both offshore and onshore, in the GCC region as well as Iraq. They specialize in support for oil terminals services, salvage operations, underwater support services, offshore surveys, and much more.

Rating: 4.9/5 out of 14 Google reviews

Address: Unit # W412 Al Saaha (D), The Palace Downtown, Burj Khalifa Area – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 244 1333


Quick Track Shipping is another unmistakable transportation organization located in Dubai offering a variety of load conveyance administrations like shipping cargo, warehousing, and coordination. A strong group and an extensive network of 180 affiliated workplaces allow the company to meet any conveyance prerequisites for little big, medium and large companies.

Quick Track Shipping centers essentially around air and ocean freight conveyance. Ocean Freight administrations include refrigerated areas for products with short lives and protection, as well as mass shipment of dry goods or fluids, not so much as holder loads, and worldwide shipments. Perhaps the most reliable holding transporting firms operating in Dubai, Fast Track Shipping acquires a spot on our rundown.

Contact: +971-4-370-8777

Area: Al Karama, Dubai

International Tanker Management LLC

International Tanker Management (ITM) is a Ship Management Company with specialization in Oil and Chemical Tankers. ITM provides owners of tankers with an entire ship management system which includes technical management, crewing post-fixture and management, as well as new building supervision, project services including insurance and claims handling. All services are offered in an affordable and high-quality environment.

ITM has a pool of highly competent and skilled personnel on board and on shore together with advanced IT systems integration that form the foundation to ITM’s successful performance. The management team is comprised of former Marines, Engineers and Naval Architects who have extensive experience at ship and ships’ management offices.

ITM forms part of V.Group, one of the largest maritime outsourcing companies of corporations in the world.

Contact details and location address: Executive Heights Damac Bldg. Office No.809 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 440 3600.


The Modern Freight Company, an ISO Certified freight shipping company that has been around for more than 40 years. It is in our list of shipping companies in Dubai.

The list of their services includes:

  • Contract Logistics
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Ecommerce
  • Project Cargo
  • Customs Clearance
  • MFC Concepts
  • MFC Extreme

With a mix of air, ocean and road freight the company has proven to be a significant service for clients of businesses. Also, the impressive IT portfolio of services includes warehouse management, transportation management, and other logistical needs to secure cargo. Overall, the Modern Freight Company is one of the most notable freight forwarding businesses in Dubai.

Location: Between Junction 6 & 7, Jebel Ali Free Zone

Contact: +971-4-881-9600

Fleet Line Shipping Services LLC – Dubai

Fleetline Shipping has been in the business for fifteen years. They are one of the leading companies in the market of shipping services. They offer a broad selection of options including freight forwarding and project cargo shipping, packaging services for industrial use, shipping RoRo storage, and more.

Score: 4.7/5 out of 34 Google reviews

Address: 38 Sheikh Zayed Road – Trade CentreTrade Centre 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 355 5562



In 1983, the company was established and providing fares and import of holders to all major ports throughout the world, Linkage International is next on our picks of prominent delivery firms located in Dubai. The company handles imports and fares for the Middle East, Far East, African and European objections.

The service is able to provide exceptional air and ocean dispatching services to make sure that the rates stay cutthroat. Astonishing is its cargo dispatch system that allows its customers to follow up for the sake of the customer regarding exchange of fitting rates with transportation companies and to figure out the complicated work of a desk.

Contact: +971-4-227-0309

Area: Suite #311, B-Block Baniyas Complex

FedEx Express

FedEx Express invented express distribution and is the world’s leading company, providing quick efficient, reliable, and time-specific distribution to over 220 nations and territories bringing together markets that account for more than 90% of the world’s gross domestic products within one or three business days.

Unmatched air routes and transportation infrastructure coupled with cutting-edge information technology, make FedEx Express the world’s largest express transportation business, offering efficient and prompt services for the greater 3.6 million shipments each business day

Contact information and address Street 54, Off Marrakech street,Garhoud, Behind Emirates Group HQ Location: Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 253 1999.


Fast Track Shipping is another well-known shipping company in Dubai that provides a range of cargo delivery options, such as freight forwarding, warehousing and logistics. A solid team and a network of affiliated offices allow the company to meet delivery requirements for small, medium and large companies.

Their services list includes:

  • Freight Management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Surface Transportation
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Warehousing and 3PL

Project and Chemical Logistics

The company is focused on shipping sea and air cargo. Sea Freight services feature refrigerated containers for perishable goods, insurance, bulk shipments of liquids or dry goods smaller than container loads, and worldwide transport.

Location: Al Karama

Contact: +971-4-370-8777

Mideast Ship Management Limited

Bahri which is known as the official shipping carrier in Saudi Arabia is a major player in Dubai’s shipping industry. It was established through a Royal Decree in 1978 as an official public company. They have a number of business units that provide different services.

Bahri Oil serves the crude oil transportation needs of the Gulf region. Bahri Logistics operates 6 modern multi-purpose vessels that provide logistics services. They also have a Bahri Dry Bulk unit offers dry bulk transportation. The company also specializes in RoRo shipping and ship management.

Rated: 4.7/5 out of 32 Google reviews

Address: One JLT, Level 9 &10 Jumeirah Lakes Towers P.O. Box: 32890, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 384 0400


The Modern Freight Company is another contributor to our list of delivery firms located in Dubai. It is an IATA and FIATA accredited cargo transportation organization has been operating for a very long time and has a significant center at the Dubai International Airport.

A unique shout-out is directed towards their Freight Forwarding management. The company covers air, sea, street just as a mix of cargo and ocean The company has proven that they are a major resource for business customers. Also, a great IT portfolio of services covers administrations like transportation, the board, distribution center management, and various other strategic requirements to ensure that cargoes are kept. Overall, the Modern Freight Company is one of the most renowned cargo sending organizations in Dubai.

Contact: +971-4-881-9600

Area: Between Junction 6 and 7, Jebel Ali Free Zone

Three Lines Shipping LLC

TLS has been fully operating since the year 2001. It has its headquarters in Dubai and branches across and throughout the Middle East. TLS has made itself an eminent shipping firm by providing high-quality services for Freight Transportation, Project Forwarding, Warehousing and Logistic Solution Services.

With an extensive network of 180 affiliated offices and experienced staff, TLS can render quality logistical requirements to small large and medium-sized multinational corporations that operate in the Middle East and worldwide.

Contact details and office address: Office Number: 044, Al khabaisi building, – Behind Hyundai Showroom, Al khabaisi area – Dubai- UAE (UAE) United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 238 7880.



Linkage International is next on our list of shipping companies in Dubai. The company was established in 1983 and provides services in all major ports in the world. It is a company that handles road, sea and air freights from Middle East, Far East, African and European destinations.

The company has a partnership with top air and sea couriers for competitive prices. Particularly notable is its freight forwarding program that allows them to take action on a client’s behalf when it comes to cost negotiations with carriers and processing complex paperwork.

Location: Suite #311, B-Block Baniyas Complex

Contact: +971-4-227-0309

Safeway International Moving & Shipping LLC

Safeway International was set up in 2008 and is run by 40 employees currently. They are multinational movers and relocation firms offering very professional service. They operate in more than 40 countries in the present. In the present, they handle approx 275 to 300 international and over 5k+ domestic moves each year.

Review: 4.5/5 out of 136 Google reviews

Address: 205, 3S Business Center – Bu Tina – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 55 830 3909


The company was established in 1983 providing fares and import of compartments across all significant ports in the world, Linkage International is next on our picks of eminent delivery companies operating in Dubai. The organization handles imports and costs that originate from Middle East, Far East, African and European objections.

The company is able to accomplish this with top-quality air and ocean dispatching services in order to make sure that its charges remain affordable. Prominent is its cargo sending administration which empowers them to be in touch with a customer for their requirements regarding the proper arrangement of rates with transporters as well as figuring out complex desk work.

Contact: +971-4-227-0309

Area: Suite #311, B-Block Baniyas Complex

Phoenix Shipping LLC

Phoenix Shipping is a single-source provider and caters to the individual preferences of each customer / agent. They build an integrated business that provides the timing quality, value and customer service via enhanced performance, simplified co-ordination and communication, leveraged pricing for transport and enhanced visibility into the shipment.

Contact details and location address: Aghadeer Building, – Kuwait road, Mankhool 17-a – Bur Dubai, Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 55 390 8335.


Key freight options from Seamaster Maritime include forwarding and delivery of vessels to ports around the world. Additional services include both short and long-term storage solutions as well as packaging.

Beyond freight forwarding, Seamaster Maritime offers STS operations in warehousing, chartering delivery and clearance services. The ISO certified firm has strong sub-agents, who manage 1,200 vessels every year.

Location: Al Hudaiba Awards Building, 2nd December Interchange, Jumeirah Road, Al Mina

Contact: +971-4-454-8770

Jenae Logistics LLC

Jenae Logistics is a professionally operated logistic and shipping firm located in the middle east. Since their beginning they have delivered top quality service and a well-trained staff. They offer a broad range of ocean freight services like FTL as well as LTL shipping as well as transportation, warehousing and distribution, cross shipment arrangements, and more.

Rating: 4.5/5 out of 24 Google reviews

Address: Office No: 4079, Cargo Mega Terminal Emirates Sky Cargo Building, Dubai Cargo Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 4 282 4811


In operation since 1974, STALCO was founded in 1974. STALCO is an ISO guaranteed organization with established offices in the world market. Cargo forwarding services from STALCO cover the sea, air and street cargo. The company guarantees taking care of a payload.

Airship cargo sending incorporates the transport of dangerous or short-lived items, greater than the average cargo, air sanctions, air protection, and combinations. Sea Freight benefits then again in covering LCL, FCL, cross exchange, BB (Break Bulk) groupage administrations, and some.

To provide hassle-free assistance, STALCO additionally offers leeway services. This includes complete documentation along with truck protection customs clearance and related services.

Contact: +971-4-393-4666

Area: sixth floor, Shipping Tower Building, inverse Port Rashid

Emarat Maritime LLC

In order to ensure reliability and satisfaction, the company has structured its operations around the needs of its customers. To ensure that the process is flawless is the company policy in response to network partners ‘ requests for speedier as well as the most precise and shortest transit times.

Contact details and location address: Mez. Floor, Sharaf Building (Opp. Ports & Customs Office),Mina Road, Bur – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 359 9955.

Mediterranean Shipping Company LLC

Their sea freight offering is supported by integrated warehousing and haulage solutions, which permit them to provide the full door-to door service. They have a range of container vessels with a capacity of around 2.6 millions TEU. The global sailing schedule covers 200 routes that stop at 315 ports, allowing you to ship your cargo virtually everywhere in the world.

They have experienced, trained specialists available to provide their full range of solutions, including breakbulk, reefer, out-of-gauge and each of their trade services – each operating in conjunction with your business.

Contact details and contact information and address Sharaf Building, 4th Floor 4th Floor Al Mina Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates. Phone +971 4 352 4888.

We trust our picks of top transportation services in Dubai can assist you in finding a supplier of cargo arrangements who is cost-effective for you.

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