how to make brown color

how to make brown color

Brown is one of the most common colors we see around us. It is a symbol of physical beauty and warmth. It usually depends on the snow and the colors of the snow. We see it everywhere, from trees to earth, place, hair color and people’s eyes. some foods are also brown. Most people see this as color status, compatibility, honesty, prevention and treatment. There are many different shades of brown, such as brown or dark brown, which can be achieved by mixing different colors. Let’s learn how to make brown!

how to make brown color
how to make brown color

What are the browns?

Three colors can be brown:

  • First letters.
  • Secondary colors.
  • Matching colors.

You can get brown by mixing some of the colors in a red to yellow color wheel. One of the easiest ways to create brown is to add the first two colors, such as red and green, or the first two colors blue and the second orange and brown. Therefore, the intensity of the color can also be observed, as some colors darken the effects of each other and increase or decrease the brightness and intensity of the other. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes, but you can get the right shade for the right people.

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It is simple and easy to make brown by combining only two colors. Therefore, to get the desired color palette, you need to understand the basics of color theory. The following is a description of two brown color images:

If we combine red with blue, they become purple
The combination of blue and yellow turns the green
The combination of yellow and red will give an orange color
Therefore, purple, green and orange are other colors.
Now make brown of two colors, mix the next color with the first matching color. This means that a mixture of purple and yellow, green and red, orange and blue gives the color brown:

  • Purple + Yellow = brown
  • Green + red = brown
  • Orange + blue = brown

To create a lighter brown shade, use white to meet the requirements.

Let’s say it’s black

You can create dark patterns by adding black or purple. This creates a chocolate brown color. if someone uses red, yellow and blue, they can add red and blue instead of yellow. For a darker tone, it is best to combine red with ultramarine blue or black.

Many experts recommend that if someone adds black or purple to get a darker shade, they should understand the difference between the results of adding all the colors. Adding a darker color creates e.g. looks good. This will give the blend a lighter look than adding a purple hue.


If you want to paint the bark of a tree, brick or wood in sunlight, or paint an old wooden glow, these original colors can be used to achieve a reddish brown or white hue.

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