Ecommerce – Get yourself into the realm that is online selling!

Ecommerce – In today’s digital environment interaction with people is not just successful in the event that you have great ideas and the most suitable content, but with the right tools and the most advanced technology to help spread and inspire people.


ETAZ is an , composed only of Specialized and Senior people:

with hundreds of Projects and Creations behind it .

No trainee or technician with more than a few years of expertise which we will discuss, is qualified to engage in your .

In our database, only qualified data and Expert Engineers are available. Pick the best quality and proven professionalism for your big projects .

Meet customers on the internet


Make the right launch for Your Business.Make your business visible to the world

Realization of Professional E-Commerce for small Entrepreneurs, and Medium-Large Companies

If you’re a business or manufacturer of any good or service, today’s world.

The existence (and in particular, a shop open 24 hours a day) on the Web – and the development of an online sales portal is important.

Perhaps because you wish to aim to raise your sales to a higher level or to provide the right impetus to your Brand as well as your Brand in the Market.

Since the Digital Revolution underway, being active in the world of Automated Commerce on the Net is of vital importance.

To date, in fact an automated sales system is available on the Web can basically allow you to offer anything in an online shop.

* Always operational, with low costs of management in comparison to the physical reality – and completely automated .


Although every project and e-commerce implementation needs a distinct architecture and versatility technique – for its execution in accordance with the requirements of the customer in all aspects Web Art Solutions is the company Web Art Solutions has today come up with.

and designed some unmissable alternatives and standard packages for the ever more demanding customer.

Always searching for the ideal and up-to-date solution.

From the beginning to the moment of implementation. Our Creative Reality , now recognized worldwide.

Is the most reliable department of excellence in which websites, applications and a variety of digital communication platforms are made.

* Both as regards the graphic-professional creation, and to ensure the quality of the development of your portal and the branding for your sales.

Every one of the Engineered Achievements of our Professional * feature are Engineered and Designed in Deep-SEO – to provide the greatest results in Search Engines.

Every one of our works on delivery will be delivered to the customer in a format suitable for file. Along with hosting credentials, and other pertinent details.


* On average, the cost of hosting an online store differs between 15 and 60 Euros per month.

Based on the tariff plans provided by companies that aren’t part of ETAZ and involved in the domain. For the reserved space, in the case of Security as well as for Gateways of translations for payments.

How Do We Proceed in ETAZ

The Preventional Phases of E-Commerce Implementation

We ask for and retrieve your information regarding your business. Sector, Products, Specializations on the market, etc.

That will be made available the us via your website (and as well extrapolated from your network for your product sector) at the moment of the signing of the contract;

We will guide you in purchasing the web hosting you’ve decided to use on the best hosting service or, in any event, one that is suited to your needs (so that the automatic renewal service or announcement on an annually or multi-annual schedule is established by your personal email box);


We improve the web solutions for you as well as together with you, using graphics and styles of outstanding visual impact, using the latest technology and extremely professional and advanced software applications.

We offer you a range of options to choose the most suitable result (SEO and SERP) to your personal or business requirements We design your websiteto meet your needs. modeled;

The construction begins and create the layout of the site according to;

Giving the right priority to the user experience and the architecture of your site (advanced sitemap.xml-robots.txt) and design; to be easily identifiable and web-friendly, according to the necessary programming metrics and tricks and deep- for Search Engines;


We process the code according to the top methods of programming that are currently in use. We also follow the current W3Cguidelines: CSS 3.0 HTML 5 Custom Software, Custom Software and more (images and text) for .

We conduct rigorous performance tests regarding the loading speed as well as the usability and satisfaction (the website will be improved in every detail to ensure the highest quality of performance) of the user. We deliver the project created fully integrated and functional to the client.

Working and in direct technical synergy with Google’s SEO and analytics metrics: you just need to download the related IOS or Android and Desktop application and begin monitoring all measures and results of your site directly from your PC, smartphone or tablet.

What will you gain by entrusting your E-commerce venture to ETAZ :


Conversion optimization based on the use of neural marker technology and convincing science. Innovative graphics and concepts for communication customized to fit your brand’s image.

Realization of the plan with attention to the user’s browsing experience due to experiments conducted with specific AI ( Artificial Intelligence ). Deep is a search engine for Google and all major search engines.

Questions and answers

1. What is the success rate of my online store?

Should I roughly forecast the monthly budget for advertising?


We believe that online commerce which wants to be competitive nationally or internationally requires the most thorough research as well as an optimized design to maximize conversion.

Furthermore, due to the additional value of the neu ro-marketing technique we have implemented to the project.

So, we develop completely custom (customized) models that meet the needs of specific customers and their market segments; and we write them programmatically to ensure that they perform at the highest level (preventive analysis of e-commerce development) .

We take a mobile first approach. In a way that the template is developed using the mobile version, thus the responsive management of that of the desktop.

Responsive e-commerce development is adaptive as the UX of the mobile device is researched and a unique template is created that, compared to the desktop version, may contain more or less elements and can optimize speed. Especially in terms of user experience.

It is widely known that the monthly budget for advertising is usually of fundamental importance.

But , with our integrated Deep SEO (over time) is an added benefit that will let the website grow exponentially and completely naturally in a organic and natural manner.


We believe that any e-commerce business that wants to compete internationally or nationally requires research and a detailed and optimized design to maximize conversion, plus the added value of our new romarketing technology we employ to the project.

Thus, we design completely made-to-measure (customized) models to meet the unique needs of consumers and their target markets; and then we program them for the best performance (preventive review of the evolution of ecommerce) .

We take a mobile first approach. In a sense the template is created by using the mobile version of the template, so the responsiveness of the management to our desktop counterpart.

Resilient e-commerce development can be described as adaptive iterative, where the unique UX of mobile devices is examined and a separate template is developed which as compared to the desktop version contain more or less elements and also optimize speed. Particularly, in terms of user experience.

It is well known that the advertising budget for the month is typically of major importance.


However, with our integrated Deep-SEO (over time) it will provide the value added that will make the portal increase exponentially naturally in an organic way.

2. In addition to your Technical P art , do you also follow the aspects of launching or promoting e-commerce?

What are the services you provide in the area of web marketing?


Web provides in the years after E-Commerce was created an exclusive and comprehensive service. It also covers all aspects relating to web marketing and advertisements in social media channels: well-known and well-known.

ETAZ Web, interfaced with multiple partnerships and international agencies, operating both in the digital marketplace and in the administration of social media advertising at the highest level.

can certainly help you to expand your Web and Brand Presence by leaps and bounds.
Once a Social or Google campaign plan has been accepted by you and our specialists in the field of technology at our agency, we get started with the planned monthly consulting as well as interventions.

On the days, weekly or monthly sessions that we dedicate to the client’s online-commerce business, our activities are carried out according to the priorities agreed in the commercial marketing plan contract which is outlined inthe following areas: SEO optimization

interventions on a pre-planned and agreed-upon schedule. The frequency of your interventions will depend on whether you opt for an annual, semi-annual or a yearly SEO package) and – Research of an editorial plan for blogs and social media and the development of extremely high DA backlinks, – Define of promotional and strategies during specific time periods and during holidays of the year.

– advertising campaigns on Google Adwords and Google Shopping, Taboola or on the most suitable social networks,

A detailed analysis of data for the various channels for acquisition in order to optimize existing as well as future converts.


* You will be constantly updated monthly with comparison calls regarding the activities that have been completed. It will be possible examine what’s been carried out in line with the guidelines anytime.

Obviously, periodic reports will be issued on the campaign’s creations, or the actual campaigns that are in place.

The formula for web-based marketing is highly adaptable and free of restrictions.

We believe that if we work professionally, and bringing benefits to online commerce over time, that the business owner will be the first to be the one to decide to stay at our firm, so we do not foresee contract obligations in this respect.

* To learn more about our tariff plans and plans for SEO, social media campaign management, Google Ads and more, Contact Our Experts *

* But, this is an additional service offered by the E-Commerce development – at customers’ discretion.

3. If I have an E-Commerce and would like to do it again will I have to re-enter All the products by myself again?

Don’t worry.

In fact, it’s going to be more effective. In ETAZ Web and in our Engineering and Graphics , we will collect all the required information directly from the ETAZ Web site, without having to contact you several times to inquire about the specifics concerning the subject.


We will begin an evaluation of the data that will be imported on our own and then we will complete the process on our own.

In ETAZ Web, we have added thousands and thousands of pictures, products, and domain descriptions and so on, so there’s no issue.

4. It is it expensive to add new features to the E-Commerce platform of ETAZ?

Absolutely no .

If you decide to rely on us as well as any changes, we have the most affordable and normal cost.

If however you’d rather do it yourself, then we’ll directly send you an integrated plug-in to the site where you can proceed alone to make all the changes you want. ETAZ Web allows you to expand the functionality of e-commerce by plug-ins directly on the website of the plug-in used.

Making changes to product images, etc such as in E-Commerce is easy and easy for everyone to do.

After your acceptance, the Add-On will be installed to be configured, tested and installed in the stage version of the site . Finally following your approval, it will be made functional on the site. Our Add-Ons are always Custom and fully integrated.

In order to make sure that visitors to your website have the best user experience. SEO and User Experience obviously lead to the best possible outcomes.

We use plugins that are very versatile.

The very best on the market.

In each slot, the box is produced, it will also feature “Social-Share” buttons for fast sharing across the main social networks.

5. I have a shop. I would like to start selling my items locally. Can you help me?

You can, of course.

An attentive design, optimized conversion, e-commerce development based upon fully custom-designed and well-designed templates to ensure optimal performance. In addition, the advanced features we are anticipating, will allow you to be competitive locally.

However, it is also available across the country also on international marketplaces .

Do you have additional queries? visit the Main FAQ of the site By Clicking THIS LINK*

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